Positive, encouraging instruction



I am Barton certified at the Master Level, and have several years experience. In addition to running my own practice, I volunteer my time teaching Barton at a local elementary school.

I have a background in behavioral therapy, which I utilize to keep my students feeling encouraged and motivated.


Continuing Education

I believe that continuing education is essential to being an effective educator.

I am currently working toward:

  • Registered Instructor accreditation from the Institute of Excellence in Writing


My Philosophy

It is extremely important to me that my students feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported.

I make an effort to establish rapport with my students, connect with them, and help them feel successful. I use only positive language. I also utilize a rewards system to help my students stay motivated when they feel burned out.

My students work hard. They go to school, have homework, often have extracurricular activities- and then they have tutoring! It is important that the tutoring process adds as little stress to their lives as possible, while also maximizing their academic success.