What is the Barton System?

The Barton system is a research based program proven to greatly improve the reading and spelling of children and adults.

The program teaches the process of reading and spelling from the ground up with a structured, systematic approach that makes logical sense.

If you are curious about how the system works, I would highly encourage checking out the videos on the official Barton website, which includes a 20 minute demo of the program.

Will the Barton System Help me/My child?

The Barton system is an Orton-Gillingham system and was originally designed for students with Dyslexia. However, a student does not need to have Dyslexia to benefit from this program.

A student must fit four criteria to benefit from the Barton system:

  1. The student has a mostly fluent grasp of the English language (Barton is not an ESL program).

  2. The student is at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten.

  3. The student is not profoundly mentally handicapped, and has an IQ of at least 70.

  4. The student passes a short screening test on the ability to hear and repeat sounds (I administer this test free of charge before starting tutoring).

How Does the Barton System work?

The Barton system truly works from the ground up. It starts with helping a student develop a memory for sounds, then shows the student how to put those sounds together and break them apart. (Reading and spelling!) After that, material is taught by syllable type, not word complexity. This allows the system to teach reading and spelling in a way that makes sense logically.

This material is separated into 10 Books, listed below:

Book 1: Phonemic Awareness

Book 2: Consonants & Short Vowels

Book 3: Closed Syllables and Units

Book 4: Syllable Division & Vowel Teams

Book 5: Prefixes and Suffixes

Book 6: Six Reasons for Silent-E

Book 7: Vowel-R Syllables

Book 8: Advanced Vowel Teams

Book 9: Influences of Foreign Languages

Book 10: Greek Words & Latin Roots

How Often do I need to have tutoring?

A student needs two hours per week of tutoring for the program to be effective.

This time can be split up in any way. Two one-hour sessions, three 40 minute sessions… it depends on what works best for you!

A student can have more than two hours per week of tutoring, which would get them through the program faster.

How long does the Barton System take?

The short answer is somewhere between two and five years. The far more truthful answer is- it depends! Frequency of tutoring sessions, student engagement, and degree of difficulty with the material are all factors. I only teach as quickly as my student can learn comfortably.

I have more questions!

No problem! Please feel free to email me with any questions you have, any time. (Even if you are not interested in tutoring!) I strive to answer all emails within 24 hours.