What is the Barton System?

The Barton system is the program I use to teach reading and spelling. I am certified at the advanced level.

It is a research based program proven to greatly improve the reading and spelling of children and adults.

The program teaches the process of reading and spelling from the ground up with a structured, systematic approach that makes logical sense.

Will the Barton System help me/my child?

The Barton system is an Orton-Gillingham system and was originally designed for students with Dyslexia. However, a student does not need to have Dyslexia to benefit from this program.

A student must fit four criteria to benefit from the Barton system:

  1. The student has a mostly fluent grasp of the English language (Barton is not an ESL program).

  2. The student is at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten.

  3. The student is not profoundly mentally handicapped, and has an IQ of at least 70.

  4. The student passes a short screening test on the ability to hear and repeat sounds (I administer this test free of charge before starting tutoring).

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